In-depth analysis of the domestic current situation of the sensor market

 As the "made in China 2025", "4.0" industrial "Internet of things" is put forward, such as the manufacturing industry in China is facing a challenge, especially for analytical instruments and senso
r products develop in the direction of intelligence, informationization, network put forward higher requirements, in order to realize more sensitive, more accurate, faster, more reliable real-time det
  And sensor industry of our country industry present situation, market and future development prospects of how?
  Industry status quo
  China sensor market continued growth in recent years, more than 20% growth rate, the four major fields of sensor applications for industrial and automotive electronic products, communications el
ectronics, consumer electronics products.
  2012 China sensor industry overall scale expands gradually, significant applications in the automotive industry including sensor application in automobile tires, airbag sensor applications of th


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